British Association of

Urological Pathology

British Association of Urological Pathology

Welcome to the BAUP website

The site is a resource for the members of the British Association of Urological Pathology and you are welcome to join here.

Our main intentions are:

to provide details of the events run by BAUP
to publish newsletters to our members
to report on the results of our meetings
to publish papers of interest to our community

Like any community, we are only as interesting and as active as our contributors and members

We encourage our members to participate. Please submit questions to our forums, write and send us articles and references that you find interesting, which you believe would be of interest to our members

Contributions will be welcome. Anyone interested can contact us to learn how they can submit and edit information. We also welcome those of you who would like to become part of the editing and organising team who are putting this all together.